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Free Printable Hole Punch Activities

Free printable hole punch activities - ABC Hole Punching for Valentines Day preschoolers will have fun working on letter recognition as they use a hole punch with this free printable for February. You can guide the child to work from left to right as a subtle pre-reading lesson. For extra fun- Laminate and us. Practice visual discrimination skills find the matching candy. This hole punch activity is a very simple but effective math activity for preschoolers. Students will use a hole punch to help the worm much through the apple. Its a perfect craft for winter. Alpahbet Valentines kids will have fun preparing Valentines with this fun activity that works on beginning sounds tracing letters and matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Use a Hole Puncher for this activity. Kids practice matching numbers to quantity by simply punching out the correct number of holes on each number card.

This snowflake activity is part of the Fine Motor Hole Punch Activity Set that is available in my store. These hole punch printables are low-prep and help to strengthen fine motor skills while practicing sight word recognition. These worksheets practice counting and strengthen hand muscles too. Get this fun and simple snowflake fine motor activity. Cut out each card individually. Pressing the hole punch is great for strengthening. You can also encourage them to retell the story as they punch the holes. The letter bank has two lines to allow for more of a variety of letters. Monster Number Hole Punch sheets help in developing your students number recognition skills as well as their fine motor skills. Pair with our EDITABLE Sight Word Centers and Activities for Pre-K Kindergarten.

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Print it out and cut along the outer dotted lines to make the strips ready for the kids to hole punch. This printable is 2 pages. You can guide the child to work from left to right as a subtle pre-reading lesson. Once they have found the matches they can hole punch them. Have your child punch the corresponding number of holes on the free hole punch worksheets. Practice visual discrimination skills find the matching candy. Includes 2 different Versions. Its fun to just give kids paper and a hole punch and let them create freely. We are offering it for FREE. This simple activity is great for teaching number recognition and involves paint chip cards from the DIY store and a hand held hole punch.